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Vacay Valet is a cherished endeavor, rooted in family values and driven by a deep commitment to channeling our God-given talents for the greater good. Proudly a part of Iron KLAD 1516 LLC since its establishment in February 2022, Vacay Valet and its companion, Iron KLAD Management, are united under a common ownership. Our company name encapsulates our purpose. The term ‘Iron’ echoes the proverb, ‘as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another,’ highlighting the reciprocal growth inherent in self-improvement and uplifting others. ‘Iron KLAD’ symbolizes strength and solidity, with ‘KLAD’ stemming from the names of our close-knit family of four.
The numeric choice ‘1516’ draws inspiration from the biblical verse, 1 Thessalonians 5:16, urging perpetual rejoicing, unceasing prayer, and gratitude in all circumstances—a philosophy aligned with the divine will in Christ Jesus for us. Through our array of short-term vacation rental properties, our mission finds expression as we strive to create spaces where families can create magical moments destined to endure. We are dedicated to fostering fellowship, facilitating relaxation, and promoting rejuvenation, all contributing to the fortification of familial bonds that exemplify the resilience and unity of ‘Iron KLAD.’

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David Patton

President – Director Operation & Development

Lauren Patton

Vice-President – Director Marketing & Design

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Mike Sjogren

Chief Advisor